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Thursday, May 4th at 6pm



Hope for the Inner City's Annual Spring Fundraiser

We invite you to join us as we will be gathering together to hear what God is doing in the lives of our neighbors as well as look at how we can work together to build stronger, more financially stable, Christ-centered communities.

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The event will begin at 6 pm, but there is an opportunity to join us starting at 5 pm to take a tour of our facilities!


Tickets are $30 per person. 


Randy Nabors

Randy Nabors is the founder of both Inner City Ministries and Hope for Chattanooga which merged in 2007 to create Hope for the Inner City. Randy is joining us this evening as our MC. He is currently working as the Pastor of Missions at First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga as well as Coordinating the New City Network.

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Wally's Restaurant

Wally's Restaurant is our caterer for the evening. Wally's has been a staple in East Chattanooga for over 80 years. We are excited to have their team provide us with some delicious food tonight!


Barbara Marter

Barbra Marter is the Executive Director of the Osborne Foundation as well as the Founder of the Nonprofit Resource Center in Chattanooga. She has been ongoing support and guide for us at Hope for the Inner City. We are delighted that she is joining us this evening to share her heart for Hope for the Inner City.

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Maclellan Foundation

The Maclellan Foundation has graciously provided us with a $15,000 matching gift. This means the first $15,000 raised at our fundraiser will be matched! Give today to be a part of this incredible opportunity.



Purchase your tickets today!

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