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Mercy Relief

At Hope for the Inner City, we provide bill assistance to individuals in the 37404 and 37406 zip codes. We can only assist a few people a week, so it is all on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Visit us at 1800 Roanoke Ave, Chattanooga, TN to turn in your application and set up a time for an interview!

Mercy Relief Process

1. Fill out your application

2. Submit your Application

Come into Hope for the Inner City to fill out an application

Once your application is finished, you can hand it in in person at Hope for the Inner City. You are required to submit a Photo ID, Proof of Income, Proof of Residence, and the bill you are needing help paying.  

3. Wait for a call

After submitting in your application, our Social Services Director, Rosalyn, will look over your information and give you a call to set up a time to interview you and see how we can best serve you. 

4. Interview

Next, you will complete a phone interview with Rosalyn or someone on her team. This is so that we know how we can best help you and connect you with any other programs you might be interested in.

5. Bill Assistance

After your interview, Rosalyn and her team will make sure the amount that we are helping you with for your bill is paid to the appropriate person! 

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