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Mark Greer - No Longer an Underdog.

Meet Mark Greer!

Mark grew up in Chattanooga, TN. He has been a faithful caretaker of his brother who has been wheelchair-bound since he was two years old, and he is a hardworking basketball player.

Mark has been playing basketball at Howard High and with Al Cantrell’s Underdogs for 5 years. Every Monday night for the past year, Mark trained hard in the HFIC gym to find a college that would offer him a spot on their team.

After a lot of hard work, God made it happen. Cleveland State signed him onto their team which was a blessing for Mark who needed to stay close to home to continue to help with his brother. Mark is a hard worker who is extremely excited about this next season and we are bounding in joy for him.

We are grateful for Al Cantrell’s mission to help kids get college scholarships and we are so glad that we can play a small part in it.

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