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Story of the Month || August 2023

Gloria Lee has been a member of the East Chattanooga community for over 20 years now. She bought her home and has been paying it off since she moved here.

Ms. Lee finally fully owns her home and is eager to keep up with the work that needs to be done on it. She reached out to Hope for the Inner City hoping to have some painting and gutter repair done on her home. This was work she couldn't do herself or afford to have someone do for her however she knew that it was important to have done for the longevity of her home.

She shared with us that her home is her own little piece of the pie that she has control and ownership of and to have a group come in and fix and paint and beautify her home for her in ways that she was unable to do so herself was a touching process. She expressed to me cheerfully, how grateful she is for the work that was done at her home. It made her incredibly proud of the home that she owns. She told me how thankful she is for this community and East Chattanooga know though she’s not from here this community feels like her family.

Since then, Gloria has wanted to give back to her community and occasionally assists us with food pickup for our food distribution program.

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