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We have lots of volunteer opportunities that we would love for you to be a part of! We believe that serving together is always better than serving alone, so we love to welcome any and everyone who wants to take part in our mission alongside of us. 

Food Pick Up Sign Up

To sign up, click the box for what you want to sign up for in order to see what days we need volunteers. Please note, the minutes listed are not necessarily how long it will take you to complete. 



Join us in Giving Hope this holiday season by serving in our Turkey for Two events and Christmas Store.


We need volunteers WEEKLY on Fridays to assist in dividing up food donations to be ready for distribution the following week.


Food Delivery happens every Friday between 10a - 12p. This is for those in our community who cannot make it to HFIC on their own to pick up food. 


If you are interested in serving either of these ways, contact

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